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  • Julia Johnson

Are Trump Supporters 'Angry, White Men'?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Over the course of the past week, two high profile, news personalities made sweeping generalizations about nearly half of the country. Chris Cuomo (CNN), and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC) erroneously claimed that supporters of the President are overwhelmingly angry, white men.

“mostly middle-aged angry white males.”

CNN's Chris Cuomo sent a tweet, including the above quote, which claimed that Trump supporters were almost entirely angry, male, and white. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't throw 'straight' in there, seeing as they usually love to add that, as well.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough claimed that highly educated, and informed Americans were 'waking up', and that President Trump's electorate was shrinking to white males, who are angry at the government.

Neither provided data to support their claims. Thats probably because they would be hard pressed to find any. In fact, many sources indicate growing, diverse support.

Lets look into some of the evidence to the contrary.

According to a new poll by American Barometer, President Trump's approval rating has continued to climb, currently at 48%. Approval has remained unphased by increasing tensions and tariffs with China.

On Election Day, Donald Trump received a measly 8% of the black vote. His rating among black voters, however, has risen consistently. In May of 2018, his approval rating was reportedly 16%. This is double the 8% he received on Election Day. If his approval rating among black Americans continues at this rate, he could feasibly reach 24%, or higher by Election Day.

This uptick in support can, in part, be attributed to historically low unemployment rates for black Americans. In early 2019, black unemployment hit just below 6%. For reference, this number was at 8.4% before Trump took office.

Movements like WalkAway, and Blexit can also claim some responsibility for this increase. The two movements have been actively campaigning across the country for people to exit the Democratic Party. They welcome all defectors from the Democratic Party, although they specifically cater to minorities of race, religion, and orientation.

These movements have been successful in helping people awaken to the reality of today's Democratic Party.

Another movement gaining traction is Bienvenido. Bienvenido has been described as the hispanic version of Blexit. They describe their goal as follows: 'We are placing importance on connecting young adults to political figures, entrepreneurs and lawmakers to enhance their confidence to speak out on their conservative values'.

According to a Marist/NPR/PBS poll, in just one year, President Trump's approval rating among hispanics dramatically raised to 50%. This is huge news, and terrifying to democrats --for good reason.

It seems that the mainstream, and simultaneously left-wing, media, would like to paint Trump supporters as an angry mob of white supremacists. Perhaps they believe their audience is too stupid to research or ask questions in the real world. This narrative of a Republican Party that is racist, sexist, and all the other 'ists' and ‘phobics‘, is a last-ditch effort by Democratic strategists to draw support away from President Trump. Its not going to work. America can see the truth.

These inaccurate and misleading claims are exactly what inspired Brandon Straka, founder of WalkAway, to leave the Democratic Party. If I were them, I'd be wary of making the same mistake again, thus pushing more voters towards Trump.

Lying and misleading doesn't work anymore. Americans are waking up and thinking for themselves. The Trump support system is excited, diverse, and coming in numbers. Don't underestimate us.