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  • Julia Johnson

The Women's March is Abandoning Women

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

The Women's March organization has begun to alienate the very people they claim to fight for.

The organization, Women's March, gained notoriety when they organized a march on Washington for the day after President Trump's inauguration. They claim to 'protect and defend [women's] rights, safety, health and communities'.

This question should be asked: What were they marching for? Was Donald Trump threatening their rights, safety, health, and communities? The answer is no.

In the United States, women have equal rights to men. This is more than can be said for many other countries around the world. Donald Trump never campaigned to, nor signed any legislation that would take rights away from women.

In fact, President Trump employs more women as senior advisers than Obama, Bush, and Clinton did at the same points in their presidencies. Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Sanders are notable women in high positions in the Trump administration.

The Women's March has always demonized women who don't agree with their politics. They manufacture an atmosphere of intolerance at their events. Conservative women, pro-life women, pro-Israel women, and more, feel unwelcome at the events that are supposedly for them. In fact, they've publicly shut the door to pro-life women, revoking a partnership with their organization for an upcoming march.

Don't be fooled, this is a left-wing political organization masquerading as a women's organization. By their definition, you're only a woman if you agree with them politically, otherwise you are just a sad, woman desperately trying to please your male superior. (This is actually how they view conservative women.)

Their latest exclusion, however, has actually been directed at some of their own left-leaning feminists.

The Women's March has placed their full support behind The Equality Act, however, a growing number of self-described feminists are opposing it.

The bill would force girls' sports teams to allow biological males to compete, and failure to comply would be classified as discrimination.

Men are biologically different than women. There is no getting around it. This is why we have male and female sports. Men have higher lung capacity, more skeletal muscle mass, higher bone density, and more. There is an inherent advantage.

Transgender activists often claim that biological women have, at times, defeated transgender women (biological males) in competition and sport, and thus the advantage does not manifest. This, however, is anecdotal. Not every biological male is stronger and faster than every biological female, but they do have the opportunity to be, due to their anatomy. These few instances they point to, do not disprove the fact that the advantage is there.

I enjoyed athletics as a young girl, and teenager. They were a big part of my life. I even served as captain of my lacrosse team senior year of high school. When I think about all of the wonderful experiences, growth, and positive effects that sports had on my education and life, I can't imagine that being taken from those who have come after me.

Soon enough, in a space where girls have been able to achieve success, and empowerment, they will face the possibility of coming second to a male.

If feminists truly cared about women, and their rights, they would oppose The Equality Act.

The Women's March has completely shifted its focus, prioritizing transgender women, and supporting The Equality Act. They've even begun using the term TERF to denigrate women who prioritize women. It means: Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

The Women's March has made it clear that if you do not put biological women at a disadvantage by supporting The Equality Act, you are not a woman at all. At least not by their standards.